AG Bedding


Why AG?

People ask us this question all the time: what makes the AG Weighted Blanket any better than all the other weighted blankets on the market?

To us, it comes down to the details. We have engineered AG with your comfort in mind, creating a weighted blanket that is simply better than anything else you will find.

  1. We have used only the finest materials to create AG!

Starting with a sharp design, we have focused every step of the way on making AG into a blanket that stands out in terms of effectiveness and quality. The "minky" microfiber we have used to create the cover for AG is top-shelf, and even though it costs us more to use the materials that we use, we believe that the extra cost we incur is worth it. You will feel the difference in just how densely packed AG's fibers are.

  1. We pledge to keep the AG price point reasonable and affordable.

While your health is certainly worth the investment of a weighted blanket, there is no reason for you to overpay. We price all our blankets competitively, making AG the best value you will find for your dollar. If you find anything that is less expensive, you can be sure that it isn't made to the same standards as AG!

  1. Try it out for yourself – with our 30-night guarantee!

There is no other company in the world that stands by their blankets as confidently as we stand by ours. You can try AG for 30 nights without any risk to you: if you decide for any reason that AG isn't for you, just send it back for a refund.

  1. We'll ship it to you for free!

Shipping a 25-pound package may sound like it is going to cost an exorbitant amount of money, but we have you covered. Shipping all orders the day after we receive them, we guarantee fast delivery – at no cost to you.

  1. Our customer service team is here to help you.

The team at AG Bedding are here to help you, answering your questions quickly and professionally. You can contact us anyway that is convenient for you: through our e-mail at or in our support chat between 8AM and 11PM EST.

  1. Based in the US with pride!

We know that you want to deal with a real US company, and that is us. All our sleep experts are in the US, we distribute from the US, and we run our business the American way!

  1. Make a difference while you're at it.

In addition to getting a world-class weighted blanket when you shop with AG Bedding, you can also make a positive impact on others, as we donate all returned blankets that meet certain criteria to special needs programs and homeless shelters nationwide (through the AG Gives Back Program, which you can contact us about participating indirectly as well).

Really, though – it comes down to science above all else!

AG Bedding has made significant advances in blanket technology, setting ourselves apart from our competitors. From the smaller glass beads to the more densely packed fibers that we use, there is plenty to get excited about in AG weighted blankets. Our 7-layered blanket offers an undeniably exquisite sleep: it's ultra-breathable, it's 100% cotton outer layer is lined with non-glue polyester padding, and there are millions of premium micro glass beads packed inside.