AG Bedding

Shipping, Duties, and Return Information

Orders made on this site (.com) are shipped from within the USA.

Your brand new AG blanket will arrive within 5-7 business days from ordering.

Returns: You may return the blanket at any time within 30 days of ordering, as long as it does not have any damage, stains, or pet hair on it. Contact us to help you prepare your return.

If you are looking to return under our 30-night guarantee, please contact our support team and we'll handle everything for you in a speedy fashion!

What do we do with returns?

At AG when we accept your returned blanket we attempt to salvage any recyclable parts (i.e zippers, bead pockets etc)

After that, we donate our used blankets to a Children With Autism Camp that uses components of our returned blankets to help aid in sensory issues they deal with on a regular basis.

Our goal with AG has always been to help as many people as possible. And even if 1 person may not find it working for them, we believe the AG Blanket can still serve its purpose elsewhere!