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How to Select a Weight for your Weighted Blanket

One of the most common questions we get asked is: how heavy should a weighted blanket be?

The answer is… it depends! While there are guidelines that you can follow, you’ll also want to factor in your personal preference and your doctor’s recommendations (if any).

First things first: if you’re purchasing a weighted blanket upon the recommendation of a doctor or occupational therapist, make sure you ask them what weight you should go with.

Better yet: ask if your occupational therapist has a weighted blanket that you can borrow and try out. Many therapists keep these blankets on hand, and if you can borrow a blanket to do a “test-drive”, that’s a great way of determining what weight suits you the best.

What if you’re simply purchasing a weighted blanket on your own accord? How do you figure out how much weight should be in a weighted blanket?

In that case, then it’s all up to your personal preference.

Generally speaking, we recommend that our customers choose a blanket that’s between 7% to 12% of their body weight.

If you’re not sure what works best for you, round up and opt for the heavier blanket. We’ve found that people tend to achieve better results this way.

 Pro-tip: don’t compare weighted blankets to lifting weights

When purchasing a weighted blanket for the first time, many people tend to benchmark the weight of the blanket against the weights they lift in the gym.

That said, this isn’t the right approach.

Why? Well, holding a 10 lb dumbbell in either hand is drastically different from having a 20 lb blanket lying on top of your body.

Your blanket is pulling your entire body down, so don’t go overboard and order a blanket that’s too heavy and suffocating.

Blanket weight: is there a maximum limit?

If you’re wondering what’s the heaviest weighted blanket that you can get (without having it becoming a danger to you!), the answer is 30 lbs. 

According to studies, the average adult can lie under a 30lb blanket without having their blood circulation, heart rate or pulse rate affected - but anything beyond that, and the blanket may not be safe to use.

Some consumers go into this with the mindset that they should purchase the heaviest blanket possible, so that they can reap maximum benefits - but that’s not how it works.

Using a weighted blanket that’s too heavy for you might be counter-productive, and cause your system more stress instead. So be sure to abide by the 30 lb rule!

Selecting a weight for an adult’s blanket

Purchasing a AG Blanket to help you relieve stress and sleep better?

Here’s a handy weighted blanket chart that you can use to determine how heavy your weighted blanket should be.

Your Weight (lbs)  AG Blanket Weight (lbs)
100-170 lbs 15 lbs
170-240 lbs 20 lbs
240+ 25 lbs


Twin-sized AG Blankets measure 48x78 inches, and they fit over a single person perfectly.

If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, make sure you purchase a Queen Size (60x80 inches) instead of sharing a single blanket. Or, you can order two Twins.

At the end of the day, the goal is to have your weighted blanket distribute its weight evenly on you, and that’s hard to achieve if two people are using the same blanket!

Final Words

We hope this resource helped to answer your question about how heavy should a your blanket be and what dimensions you need!

At the end of the day, don’t worry if the one you’re purchasing is a lb or two heavier (or lighter!) than what you’re ideally going for.

A bit of extra pressure (or less) doesn’t make a difference; you’ll likely experience the positive benefits you need anyway.

Also, keep in mind that all AG Blankets come with an awesome 100 Night Guarantee.

We believe in love at first sleep… but if you don’t fall in love with your blanket right off the bat, you get 99 more tries to make it work.

If you still aren’t feeling it, then just return the blanket, and we’ll process a full refund (including shipping fees).

What are you waiting for? Purchase your AG Blanket now, and look forward to countless nights of uninterrupted sleep!