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Why you must never use a DIY weighted blanket

Why you must never use a DIY weighted blanket


DIYing has gained a lot of momentum these days. Whether it is about making your own centerpiece or stitching your child’s first dress, people these days enjoy trying their hands on something creative. DIYing is quite enjoyable and many people assume that it saves money. YouTube and many other video hosting sites are full of DIY videos where millions of users have mentioned their experience, outcome, opinion, customization, and even regrets. When done DIYing can help you achieve you even more than what you could have expected. However, not everything is DIYable and weighted blankets is one of them. Although there are hundreds of videos, blogs, and how-to tutorials available out there, we strongly recommend that you must not attempt any of them. Even if you do, you shouldn’t use the blanket. No matter how hard you try, the possibility of you making the perfect weighted blanket for insomnia or depression is very less. In this blog, we will explain to you why you won’t be able to make the perfect weighted blanket for adults and what are the risks associated with DIYing.



Weighted blankets are not just heavy blankets filled with some fillings. They are thoughtfully designed to provide you adequate pressure stimulation throughout their body. This is possible only when the weight of the blanket is equally distributed throughout its surface. Achieving equal weight distribution is not that easy. Although the tutorials have provided detailed guidelines on how you can ensure that the filling is evenly distributed, you will not be able to do so, because the glass beads and poly pellets are very difficult to measure and handle too. It requires a professional approach.

Unless the weight distribution is even and adequate, your DIY weighted blankets for anxiety will be ineffective, thereby defeating its purpose.    


The filling may leak out and create a lot of troubles


Unlike a standard blanket, stitching a weighted blanket for adult requires absolute caution. The stitches have to be very strong or else they may not be able to bear the weight of the filling and may open up. Further, the fabric should also be of very good quality and should have a good thread count or else it will tear apart with use. If the weighted blanket gets damaged, the glass beads or the poly pellets will spill off. Although both these materials are safe for health, cleaning them is not that easy. They are very small in size. Moreover, their texture makes them slippery. If they get into your eyes, nose, or mouth, you will have to be rushed to a hospital immediately. If you land your feet on them, you may slip and may hurt yourself. Yes! DIYing can sometimes turn fatal, which is why you must choose your project carefully.


Stitching weighted blankets requires a lot of experience

You are not running your machine on any ordinary fabric. The glass beads are going to be sandwiched between the fabric, making it difficult for you to sew it. You end up with broken needles and a malfunctioning sewing machine. The broken needles could even create holes in the fabric, thereby making it completely unusable. It could even poke into your finger. It is not easy to stitch a fabric with glass beads sandwiched between it. So, if you don’t have enough experience, you must not try it.


You may not find the right materials


All you need to make a weighted blanket for ADHD is cotton fabric and glass beads. Well, that sounds simple but it truly isn’t. Cotton fabric is available in hundreds of varieties. Some of them are soft, whereas others are slightly harder and uncomfortable for use. Many other cotton varieties are not pure but the blended ones, although the manufacturers claim that they are not. The same is the case with glass beads. You may find them in some online stores but you may not be able to find the right size so easily. Even if you do, you might not find the ones that are hypoallergenic and safe for use. Blended cotton and bigger size, allergy-causing glass beads, when used, could make your weighted blanket uncomfortable for use, thereby wasting your time and money.


It is a very time-consuming project


The DIY tutorials may claim that you need just 2 hours to make your own weighted blanket for kids but be aware that these claims are false. Even if you are a pro, you won’t be able to make a stress blanket within such a time frame. The process is very time-consuming. You will have to weigh the beads, distribute it evenly by weighing each portion separately, store the portioned beads separately, measure the cloth, divide it into equal sections, fill the beads, and finally stitch it. Now, don’t forget to add the time you will spend in fixing your sewing machine, buying the materials, changing the treads, and rushing to the market to quickly pick something that you forgot. We all have experienced such hassles. Even instant noodles are not that instant. So, unless you have a lot of free time, you should drop the idea of making a DIY weighted blanket for adults. 



You may give up midway


Do you remember how many projects you have actually finished even since you became a fan of DIYing? You are not alone when it comes to leaving a DIY project midway. In fact, more than 90% are being dumped midway because people get bored and don’t feel like working on it anymore. When you begin a project, you are very excited about it, but soon you realize that it’s not that exciting anymore. Lack of quality resources, other priority tasks, and issues with the project can make it impossible for you to complete it. If you decide to leave it midway, imagine what will you do with the half-done blanket. It will occupy unnecessary space in your house.


You may end up paying more


There are only two reasons why we love DIY projects; they help us use our artistic skills and they help us save money. But, not every DIY project is economical; weighted blankets are absolutely not. 100% pure breathable cotton fabric, high-quality hypoallergenic glass beads, and a sewing machine that is durable enough to handle the heavy material and filling are not easy to find. Even if you find them, you will have to pay a good amount of money. Plus, add your time and energy and decide if it is worth it. You could do a lot of enjoyable activities in the time you spend on your DIY weighted blanket project. You could take your kids out for a picnic, you could catch up with your friends, or you could simply sit back and relax on your couch. If the price of the weighted blanket for kids is a concern, you should check out AG weighted blankets. They are very affordable and yet, they are made of finest quality materials to ensure that they serve their purpose.


AG blankets for adults are made up of 100% cotton fabric. It is a 7 layered blanket that contains premium quality micro glass beads that provide you a smooth and soothing deep pressure therapy stimulation. The glass beads are distributed evenly and comfortably. The blanket is hypoallergenic and doesn't cause overheating. It can be used by people with sensitive skin and allergies. The blankets are available for 30 trial nights. If you are not satisfied with your order, you could ask for a refund. AG weighted blankets for insomnia come with a 3 year warranty as well. Would you still consider DIYing a stress blanket? 


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