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How to avoid overheating under a weighted blanket

How to avoid overheating under a weighted blanket

The moment we think about a weighted blanket, we think of a heavy piece of cloth made of multiple layers of fabric having weighted objects inside it. We visualize a bulky piece of cloth that is supposed to make us feel hot and sweaty. But, have you wondered how you could feel cozy and sleepy if the heavy blanket is going to make us feel hot and sweaty? Many of us do, but we ignore this problem assuming that its benefits will outweigh its drawbacks. Well, that does happen but, as often assumed, weighted blankets for kids and adults are not supposed to make you feel hot. It should not make you feel as if you have covered yourself under meters of fabric and that you will have to use your air conditioner to turn your room into Siberia to be able to sleep comfortably. Rather, stress blankets are designed to be heavy and yet cool and cozy. They are designed to be useful for all weathers. However, this isn’t a case with all weighted blankets for insomnia that you could find on Amazon or with your nearby Target store. Such places do have heavy blankets that are too difficult to be used for even a few minutes, forget about using them the whole night. Such blankets are made of cheap quality fabric and fillings. In this blog, we will provide you with some helpful tips on how you can choose the right blanket that won’t make you sweaty at night. We will also brief you about how you can keep yourself cool inside it during summer.


Pure cotton fabric helps you stay cool


Remember that weighted blankets are therapeutic tools. They have to be manufactured using a specific type of fabric and materials, so that they can be comfortably used throughout the year. However, 100% pure breathable cotton fabric is expensive. So, a lot of cheap weighted blanket manufacturers have started using cotton blended fabric to cut down the manufacturing costs. Blended fabrics have a glossy look, which is why many people fall in for them. Such fabric may initially make you feel cozy and cool but within a few minutes, you will start feeling hot and irritated. Further, they can also cause allergic reactions. If you are yet to buy a weighted blanket that won’t make you feel hot, opt for the one that has an outer layer made of 100% pure cotton breathable fabric such as AG weighted blanket. These heavy blankets are all-season products. However, if you have already fallen for blended anxiety blanket, you can get a cotton cover made for it. It will be somewhat helpful. 

Opt for glass beads instead of poly pellets

Poly pellets are made of plastic and, therefore, they will make your blanket hot and uncomfortable. Even high-quality poly pellets don’t have good cooling power. So, we strongly recommend AG weighted blankets for depression. These blankets are made of micro glass beads. As we know, glass beads are cool in nature, So, no matter how long you use the blanket for, it will not heat up inside.

If you have a blanket that neither uses glass beads nor poly pellets, reconsider using it, especially if it has organic fillings. These fillings are not safe for health. They are not washable and they will soon start stinking and rotting. No matter how carefully you use them, your body’s heat is enough to make them rot sooner than you expect. Also, if it is made of sand, you can use it only during winter and not during summer, even if it has a cotton outer layer. 

Weighted blankets have multiple layers of fabrics with fillings sandwiched between them. So, they will obviously make you feel slightly warmer. If you tend to sweat at night, here is what you can do to prevent overheating or sweating:


  • Always buy a cooling weighted blanket for adults such as AG weighted blankets. You can’t have separate blankets for winter and summer. So, during the winter, you can add an additional regular blanket on it keep yourself warm. You could also add a warm blanket cover to your weighted blanket such as the one made of fleece.
  • To avoid sweating or overheating, try to take a shower before going to bed. The heat that you feel under the blanket is basically your body heat that gets trapped inside. Showering just before going to bed will decrease your body temperature and help you stay cool at night.
  • No matter what season it is, wearing tight-fitting clothes is not recommended while sleeping. Such clothes trap the heat inside them, thereby increasing your chances of sweating. Always wear loose cotton-based clothes such as pajamas and big sized tees.
  • When you start using a weighted blanket for anxiety, maintain your room temperature slightly lower than you usually do. Stress blankets have a few layers of fabric within them, so you will have to keep your room cooler to avoid overheating. This is recommended for summer as well as for winter.
  • Switch off unnecessary electronic devices of your room when not in use. Although we hardly realize, these appliances generate a lot of heat. If left switched on, they can heat up the room during the night, thereby making you feel hot.

High-quality, thoughtfully designed weighted blankets for kids and adults such as AG weighted blankets will not make you feel sweaty or hot. In fact, they are even recommended for women dealing with hot flashes and menopause. However, a lot of people who have bought cheap weighted blankets, have faced severe overheating issue, which is why you would often find people commenting that these blankets are very uncomfortable. We hope we have provided you adequate information on how you can keep yourself cool under the heavy blankets. Remember that you should focus on buying a good quality, 100% cotton-based blanket such as AG weighted blanket. That’s the easiest way to keep yourself cool within it. You can check out its features here:


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