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The Best Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety


Give Yourself the Gift of Calm and Relaxation

Think about the best blanket that you have ever used and then imagine just how much more wonderful it can be. Try to think about what a blanket would feel like if you could take the essence of the most comforting huger you have ever received bottle it up and sprinkle it onto the fabric.

Now you have an idea of just what a life-changing AG weighted blanket is.

A blanket engineered through science and research for ultimate comfort, AG is 3 to 5 times heavier than an average blanket, and that extra pressure is just what you need to decompress from even your most challenging days and step into a world where you can let go of all your cares and worries.

When you're under this blanket, you're in control – all the tension of your life melting away and leaving you with nothing but peace and calm.

Stop Letting Stress and Anxiety Wear You Out

Scientific research has demonstrated that stress and anxiety affect all areas of our health, wearing you down not only emotionally but physically and mentally as well. Using the AG weighted blanket, you can fight back against the stress and anxiety that get in the way of your sleep patterns and damage your health in the long term. Consider this: more than three quarters of all people experience physical and psychological suffering directly connected to stress. If you are part of this group, AG Weighted Blanket is just what you need to reduce your cortisol levels and achieve the relief from stress and anxiety you have always known to be possible. Yes, peace is possible! Don't accept stress and anxiety as givens in your life. You can do better.

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30-Night Trial – What Is There to Lose?

Because we believe in AG so wholeheartedly, we are going to give you the opportunity to try it totally commitment-free for a full month. That's right: you can return AG at any time in the thirty days after your purchase for a full refund. All you need to do is send us an e-mail explaining why AG isn't for you, ship the blanket back so that we can inspect it for damages or stains, and then (pending the inspection results) process a full refund to your credit card. That's the AG stress-relief guarantee! Superior Comfort – Wherever You Need It

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Superior Comfort – Wherever You Need It

Whether you are spending the weekend away from home at your in-laws' house or camping at a national park on the other side of the country, AG Weighted Blanket will be there for you, providing the warmth, comfort, and reassurance that you need to sink into your bed (or cot or sleeping bag) with total release, finding the highest quality of sleep. Stress may seem to latch onto you and follow you no matter where you go. That's fine! It's nothing to worry about, because AG Weighted Blanket will be right there with you.

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Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket

Not all weighted blankets are exactly the same, and to choose the right one, you need to figure out exactly what your expectations are and how your weighted blanket can live up to those expectations. The actual weight of your weighted blanket is more important than any other variable. Once you know that, though, what do you do with it? How do you choose the right weight?

Our advice is simple: your weighted blank should equal around 10% of your body weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, then your AG should weigh around 20 pounds, and if you weight 150 pounds, then your AG should weigh around 15 pounds.

Of course, our 30-day guarantee applies to weights too: if you find that you would like to try a heavier or a lighter blanket within the 30-day guarantee period, we would be happy to take your AG back and send you a more fitting model!

The AG Weighted Blanket

AG Bedding

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The AG Weighted Blanket
The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket The AG Weighted Blanket

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It May Feel like Magic, but It's Really Just Science!

Using a weighted blanket is not the same thing as piling a bunch of blankets on top of yourself. The science of weighted blankets is clear, and the medical community has been quick to adopt this technology to help people who suffer from a long list of ailments that includes sleep anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other common sleep issues.

The power of weighted blankets is a direct result of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS), which leads to deeper sleep faster, longer sleep sessions, and more refreshing sleep. By reducing your cortisol ("the stress hormone") and releasing serotonin ("the happy hormone") and melatonin ("the sleep hormone"), DTPS puts you in charge of your sleep – and in turn in charge of your mood, your happiness, and your quality of life.

Researched-backed benefits to weighted blankets

Positive Effects on Insomnia

One SciMedCentral study found that when participants used a weighted blanket sleep time increased while movement during sleep decreased. The study participants felt like it was easier for them to settle down and easier for them to fall asleep, and they felt more refreshed when they woke up in the morning.

Reduced Anxiety in 63% of Patients

Study after study, engineers and scientists have concluded that very heavy blankets are safe to use and that they lead to lower brain activity levels, fewer anxiety symptoms, and greater overall satisfaction with sleep. 78% of participants even stated that they preferred using a blanket to calm themselves down.

Deep Pressure Stimulation

Studying the benefits and results of DTPS, the American Occupational Therapy Association concluded that even a short period of time spent underneath a heavy blanket can prove useful. When a heavy blanket was in use, sympathetic arousal decreased while parasympathetic arousal decreased. This led to improved test performance, a sign of improved cognitive ability!

say goodnight to insomnia

Are you ready to achieve the best sleep of your life?

Are you ready to let go of all your anxiety?

Are you ready to live your best life?

If so, then AG is the blanket for you. This anxiety-breaking, stress-reducing blanket can be yours today. Just click "Buy Now" to start your 30-day trial with AG now!

Remember: if you're not 100% satisfied with AG, you will receive a 100% refund.

Click "Buy Now" and make better sleep yours!

The AG Removable Duvet Cover
The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover The AG Removable Duvet Cover


A premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body weight

Blanket is 72" x 48" (similar in size to a throw), providing a grounding experience for one user at a time




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